Creative Web Designer (UI)

Hadigaun, Kathmandu

A job, or occupation, is a person’s role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment “for a living” Many people have multiple jobs e.g., parent, homemaker, and employee. A person can begin a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, starting a business, or becoming a parent. The duration of a job may range from temporary e.g., hourly odd jobs to a lifetime e.g., judges.

We are looking for a designer to work on WordPress themes designs, not client websites. The work requires you to work closely with our company growth strategy team and developers to create meaningful designs following WordPress theme design guidelines.

When you join our team, these are some of the benefits that you get.

  • Fun and friendly people to work with
  • Cozy workspace with powerful CPU and dual monitor working station
  • Free lunch
  • Free Snacks
  • Unlimited coffee and Tea
  • Flexible working hours
  • Salary Review regularly
  • Occasional recreational activities

The theme you will design will be used by thousands of people from all around the world.

The job requires you to keep this in mind and create beautiful designs following strategy documents provided by our strategy team.

The designs should be clean, user-friendly and visually appealing. It should also be creative and unique.


You should have a strong understanding of UI and your work should show. More importantly, you should be self-driven, passionate and motivated to learn and grow.

You’re fit for this job if all of the following profiles match you:

  • I spend a lot of time on the internet reading and learning about designs.
  • I enjoying creating visually appealing meaningful designs.
  • I earn a decent wage but hate my current job and work environment. I want to work in a place with bright people and no politics.
  • I want to create designs that will be used by thousands of websites.
How to Apply?

Send an email to with your design portfolio. Tell us about your passion for web design and why you would be the perfect candidate for the job.

We’ll take it from there.

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