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Why Do Businesses Prefer Us?

  • We provide exclusive leads to essential businesses and have seen a high conversion rate with the leads we provide.
  • We will optimize your Google My Business listings to increase your local visibility.
  • Detailed SEO audit will help us to find common SEO optimization problems on your website.
  • We create Google 360 virtual tours for companies of all sizes (Bay Area only).

    We only work with limited clients.

    Not your average Lead Generation Company. Measurable & results-driven lead generation

    Lead guarantee:
    We also start off by only charging a small 1-time setup fee to account for our initial efforts & a monthly fee. Leads are 100% exclusive to you and we only work with one business in each area. We even have a lead guarantee included in our lead generation service!

    Pricing & Services

    *Lead Generation*

    Deposit: One time set-up fee of $995.
    USA only.

    Commission Only @ 10% of Gross Sale Per Deal.
    We set up commission only deals with clients to show you the value and quality of our leads. We will also give you 100% of your deposit back from the money you make from the leads that we send you. Once you get your deposit back from our leads then you can begin paying us a 10% commissions or a monthly fee (whichever is a better deal for you).

    Ongoing Monthly Fee: $499 -$995 per month is normal.
    The monthly amount varies based on the scope of service being provided.

    *Google My Business - Listing Optimized*

    One time fee: $249.

    With a website optimized for local search and accurate listings, potential customers can easily find you. Site traffic becomes foot traffic, and deals get closed faster.

    * This (GMB) service is only available in the Santa Cruz, California area.

    *360 Google Business View - Virtual Tour*

    * Small business / One time fee: $349.

    * Medium business / One time fee: $549.

    * Large business / price varies.

    Google Business View enables you to have a 360 degree virtual tour of your store, that new and existing customers can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when searching for you on the web.

    This (GBV) service is only available in the Santa Cruz, California area.

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